Building a Home of the Future with Home Automation

By Future Building

The future is now

Home automation is no longer a concept of the future, or a novelty for the rich and famous. It is now widely available and highly affordable for those planning to build or remodel their homes.

And while we may not have quite reached the stage where mini robots cook clean or fetch a beer for us, it is possible to gear your house so that it does a lot of the hard work for you.

At Future Building, we are advocates of home automation. We enjoy leveraging the latest technologies to make life simpler and easier, because we believe home owners should benefit in every way from their castle.

Home automation basics

Home automation uses IoT (the Internet of Things) to link systems in your house to a network. This network can then be remotely accessed from any device (such as your tablet or phone), giving you the power to monitor or control it from anywhere in the world.

Automation refers to the ability to program these systems to do what you want, when you want. Anything that is hooked up to the network can be controlled, and given the huge increase in home items that can join the network, the possibilities are endless.

Giving you ultimate control

It’s important to understand just how flexible home automation is, and how you can use it to your benefit.

Here are just some of the things in your home that can join your home automation network:

  • Lights
  • Appliances
  • Home theatre systems
  • Heating and cooling
  • Window coverings
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners or mops
  • Self-cleaning litter boxes
  • Sprinkler system
  • Pool cleaners
  • Alarm system
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Smoke detectors
  • Sensors on doors, windows and locks
  • Front door locks
  • Automatic garage doors

Now, imagine the possibilities of being able to automate and control these systems remotely…

You’re at work and decide to invite a colleague for dinner that night. Remembering that the floor hasn’t been cleaned in days, you log into your network and set your vacuum cleaner to start at 4:30pm, and your mop to begin at 5:00pm. By the time you get home, the floor is spotless!

You just bought a new puppy and have a dog walker coming to take them out for a walk each day. Not wanting to give them a key, you set your gate to unlock at the time they are scheduled to come, and lock once you can see from your security cameras that they have returned.

Realising that the afternoon sun is making your house unbearable when you get hom from work, you set the blinds to close at 2pm each day, and program the air conditioner to turn on at 4:30pm so it’s nice and cool when you walk in the front door each day.

You’re upstairs sleeping in the middle of the night, and you hear what you think is an intruder. Grabbing your smartphone, you turn on all the lights downstairs and access you security cameras to see what’s going on.

After driving for 3 hours to your holiday destination, your blood runs cold as you realise you can’t remember if you locked the front door. Instead of needing to go back, o rely on your neighbours, you simply check your phone!

We could go on and on with real life scenarios where you can benefit from the power of home automation. But at the end of the day, if you can see it making just one or two aspects of your life easier…it’s well worth the investment.

Why it’s so affordable

Remember when USBs first came out and they cost like $20 for 500MB? Or when laptops were reserved for those who could afford to pay $4000?

As the tech companies get better at making technology, it becomes more available and affordable. And the same is now happening with home automation. We have been lucky to see a greater number of providers entering the market, who offer various forms of home automation at different price points.

It’s no longer necessary to pay $50,000+ for a top of the line commercial automation system. These days, you can begin to incorporate home automation for as little as $3500, and when you’re building a new home the cost can usually be absorbed into your mortgage.

It is much easier to incorporate home automation during a new home build or a large scale remodel than it is to try and add it to an existing home. So for those who are about to undertake a building project, this is the ideal time to take advantage of it.

When we install home automation into your home, we:

  • Identify all the aspects of home automation you are keen to include
  • Contract our highly experienced electrical team to install the required sensors and parts
  • Systemise the home automation system and link it to a centralised control account
  • Show you how to log into your account with your tablet or smartphone, and teach you how to control the system remotely or from the comfort of your home.

It’s really that simple.

More than gadgets

Home automation does not just apply to appliances and gadgets. It’s also possible to automat your home using sustainable building practices that have a positive impact on the environment and save you thousands of dollars in quarterly electricity, gas and water bills.

For instance, we can incorporate building practices that automatically:

  • heat and cool your house naturally (using double glazed windows and effective insulation);
  • draw energy from the sun (solar panels);
  • maximise natural lighting (orientation, window positioning and skylights); and
  • save water (efficient plumbing and drainage systems).

These practices are something we are particularly keen on at Future Building, because they help our clients minimise their ecological footprint, while putting more $$ back in their pockets.

Getting started with home automation

If you are contemplating a new home build or a large scale remodel in the near future, and would like your home to be sustainable, save you money, and make your life easier, ask us about home automation.

We are more than happy to answer any questions, and help you understand how home automation could be achieved with maximum benefit and minimum cost during your build.

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