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Next Gen Builders vs old school

By Future Building

As an industry, building and construction have been pretty slow to adapt to new technologies and leverage software to make builders and their clients’ lives easier.
At Future Building, we like to think a little differently. We have embraced technology as a tool that allows us to streamline our processes, and involve our clients in new and exciting ways throughout the building process.

Go online

Gone are the days of being bogged down by endless stacks of printed paperwork. A decade ago, builders were renowned for using their vehicle dashboards as their accounting system – scooping up all their invoices and receipts to hand over to their accountant (usually their partner) at the end of the month.

These days, Cloud accounting systems such as Xero make light work of invoicing and payments, and ensure that record keeping for every client is done quickly and efficiently.

Other Cloud applications, such as Google drive, allow us to share images and documents easily with our clients. This does away with needless trips to the office, and also allows us to keep information flowing more readily than if we were relying on printed materials.

Collaborative software

In the “old days”, keeping track of your build meant constant drive-bys to check on progress.

These days, we are fortunate to be able to use collaborative software that enables us to:

  • share documents
  • upload pictures
  • trade emails
  • get daily updates
  • view selections and variations
  • access payments
  • plus much more!

It’s this commitment to leveraging collaborative technology that helps us enjoy a close, transparent and enjoyable relationship with our clients as we build their dream home.

Home automation

Your home is capable of doing a lot of the hard work for you these days – from saving you time and money, to helping you enjoy those creature comforts just a little more!

As a building company focussed on building homes of the future, we have dedicated countless hours to understanding home automation systems and how to make them work for you.

From low budget to high end, we can incorporate home automation systems that help you:

  • save money on electricity, gas and water bills
  • manage heating and cooling
  • adjust lighting
  • sync with phone and music systems
  • enhance home security
  • connect with nifty home gadgets that make life simpler

We can even have sensors installed that will automatically open your garage door when you come home, or text you if you have accidentally left the front door unlocked!
In essence, technology makes our lives easier, and frees up our time and money to enjoy the greater things in life. So, at Future Building, we are absolutely invested in doing away with old school and leveraging tech to build our clients a home of the future!

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